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Friday, July 15, 2011

Commentary: One Hundred Reviews and a Note of Thanks

Homecoming marked the one hundredth film review posted in the journal. I have to admit that back when this project was first launched in the summer of 2010, I didn't expect it to reach that far. No, really. So many other personal projects that fell outside life's bare necessities had been given up on because of a lack of motivation or confidence. We're talking about works of writing, room re-arrangements, social clubs and countless school assignments. This blog had a few rough spots at times but here it is still actively standing after one year.

Some of the most rewarding times of my life since graduating high school had been where I had just finished watching a movie and couldn't wait to tell someone about it. Or having a friendly debate over a movie's success or failure to reach its artistic goal. I was even lucky enough to get paid to do those things for a few years. I'm a quiet introvert especially in large social settings but come to life when movies are brought up in conversation. I guess it's that same spark or whatever you want to call it that fuels this ongoing project, which has no end in sight by the way. It will continue for as long as it stays fun and I can't see that ending anytime soon.

The journal was created as a way for me to continue watching films beyond simple personal enjoyment and to also reach a new audience to share that passion with. To all readers, even if you had only skimmed through a single post, thank you for making this possible. I look forward to meeting more bloggers and having many more fun entertainment discussions.

Expect another Masters of Horror episode review as well as some past and present Walt Disney studio releases to be posted within the next few days. As for the long term future, it might be time for a re-design in order to help give the journal a more unique identity. Since I'm still a novice, I will gratefully welcome any advice from experienced bloggers on how to shake up the layout to look nicer without fear of overcompensating. I might even edit some of the older posts to help them match up with the current font patterns and stuff like that. Any other questions, comments or advice for improvement are all welcome here at any time.

Thank you again. Wishing everyone a nice weekend.


  1. No, thank you. Movies are your passion, as it is very plain to see by the contents of your blog. It's wonderful to watch as you share that passion with others and it most definitely is a passion, and not a fleeting interest, thanks to all the different types of movies you've reviewed and the varied ratings you give them--I certainly couldn't do it. Movies are what you're good at and here, you seem to be where you belong.

    This past year I've seen a lot out of you. The reviews you post look more comfortable, like you're settling in to your writing style. We've tossed DVDs at each other and met up for theatre runs. Hell, I went to a Little League game and had NO IDEA WHAT WENT ON because we were talking (which is totes fine, by the way). I've read reviews on movies that I would have never seen or known about had it not been for you. This blog helps channel all that and more. I'm glad to be involved in such a thing, because being cousins is much more than Christmas, summer reunions and an occasional DVD swap. It's sharing not only bits of DNA but common interests despite living in separate houses and/or cities. Wait, yeah? I think that's it. Maybe. Either way, it's good to know that your passion has not died out, let alone faded. Don't give up on it. Ever.

    'Cause you're doing something you love, and that's what matters.


    Speaking of Disney movies, I have more now. Also speaking of DVD swaps, we need to do another soon-ish, along with a movie marathon of some sort. WE CAN MAKE EACH OTHER WATCH SHI--STUFF. YEAH. STUFF. I'LL BRING THE CARTOONS.

    I don't know much about layouts, but I do know that is a place overrun with memes, .gifs and people that hit the little heart icon on posts a lot...even lengthy review articles and such. Ithasmysoulhelpme.

  2. You're getting a big hug the next time we meet.

  3. Well done on reaching 100 reviews Ian.
    I may not often comment when I visit your journal but that's only because I've often not seen the films you post about.
    We may have different taste in movies but I always enjoy your posts and I like the style of your writing.
    Good luck in the future.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Paul and Bonjour. You guys are both very good at your own respective missions and I hope you stay around for a while. Best wishes.

  5. Hey man, congratulations! I'm really proud of how consistently excellent your blog has been! Keep up the great work!

  6. Likewise to you, Nathanael. I hope you'll keep blogging with us while at school as long as it's not too distracting from your studies.