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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Commentary: Welcome To My World.

Come inside and make yourself comfortable. How did you find this place anyway? Let me guess. You typed your favorite movie into a search engine to see what other kind of useless knowledge there is to know about that movie and accidentally stumbled onto a list of opinions by some guy you don't know. Either that or you already know me and you're here because I gave you the link out of fear that no-one else will ever see this place.

All of you are welcome, friends and strangers alike.

This blog is something I had envisioned for quite a while and I think now is the right time to turn it into a reality. The idea was inspired by my three years of employment with the now defunct Hollywood Video movie rental chain. The most fun and rewarding part of that era was the way that it changed the way I look at movies. Customers would often seek advice from me on what titles would be suitable for their needs and interests. It didn't take long to realize that I could no longer analyze films purely for my personal enjoyment. They needed to be viewed with objectivity and a glimpse as to how other others would perceive them.

It became somewhat of an addiction, as I found myself watching at least five movies every week and reciting brief summaries on all the observations and emotions that came with each film's viewing. That way, if there was a customer inquiry on a certain title, I would know exactly what to say without having to resort to the generic "It was good" that most others in my position would settle for. Though I made my cases clear, I made sure to list both positive and negative qualities that every film had. So even if someone didn't take my advice to stay away from a particular title, he/she may still decide to rent it based on the positive aspects that suit their taste.

I try to avoid becoming a critic, meaning that it shouldn't be my job to tell you what you can and cannot enjoy. The decision should be ultimately made by the individual whether or not to devote two hours out of their day to watch someone's art. Treat others the way you want to be treated and don't talk to anyone in a way that you wouldn't want to be talked to. Trust was my ultimate goal. Agree or disagree as you wish. Just understand that I will never try to manipulate or steer you the wrong way.

Sadly, my work ended in vain. Hollywood Video is now liquidating all stores, so none of my efforts to help customers feel comfortable shopping there paid off. It was a depressing end to a lifestyle such loved. But even though I was no longer obligated to carefully analyze the films, it was hard to break out of that mindset. My tastes were no longer the only ones that mattered. I still felt the desire to share my excitement or distaste of movies with other movie fans. It shows up in family or friend gatherings all the time. My mouth would stay silent during most topics of conversation. But when someone mentions a movie they had just seen, my eyes grow wide, my voice gets loud and the familiar excitement returns just long enough to feel like a big shot again.

This blog is a new tool and a new era for sharing my love of the movies. There are no gimmicks or games used here and the material will be presented in near-real time. Whatever film I happen to be watching during the week for whatever reason will result in my thoughts and reactions being posted here.

I like to use IMDB's ten-star rating system. It allows a flexibility that is useful at ranking the overall reaction to watching the movies. Films with a rating of 7 or higher are recommended. Films with a rating of 4 through 6 are considered average at best and are suggested to be approached with caution. Films with a rating of 3 or lower are strongly advised to be avoided altogether.

Comments are encouraged. The great thing about movies is that there are no right or wrong answers as to how a film should be perceived. Whether you agree, disagree or think I'm totally insane, I would love to hear your perspective. And thinking I'm insane will probably happen sooner than later since my opinions go against the grain very often.

Blogs are new to me. The design will start off plain, but should grow more colorful as I learn to use more tools over time. Please don't be too hard on me for it.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the site.


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  1. I managed to make it back through all your posts. I like the variety of movies you've got on here. One suggestion - don't write off classic movies too soon. (You discussed this in your North by Northwest review.) They are classics for a reason and sometimes help give a better appreciation for modern movies that owe them a debt for blazing a trail for them.